Reader: Marijuana Isn’t the Real Problem in Colorado Springs

email Print Article AA Have marijuana grows replaced meth houses as a scourge in Colorado communities? That’s the view of Detective M. Adam Hughes, who says he hasn’t found a meth lab inside a house in over three years during his work with the Colorado Springs Police Department. Instead, he now gets complaints about large-scale marijuana grows inside neighborhood homes. But some readers don’t think that’s the big problem in Colorado Springs. Says Scott: The real issue in the Springs is how maryjuana is turning good Christian children away from Sunday School and onto evils such as women’s marches, gluten-free breads, and gay weddings. Notes Leon: That’s what an eighty-plus-year-old… Read More

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Homeless housing project in Lakewood receives initial federal approval

Federal officials have approved an initial plan to provide housing to the homeless and families in need of a transitional shelter at a 59-acre site adjacent to the Federal Center in Lakewood. The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless got word from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services this week that it can move ahead with submitting to the government a detailed financing and operational plan for what could be a 500- to 600-unit, $120 million affordable housing initiative — one of the largest projects of its kind in the metro area. The deadline for submitting that plan is March 9, after which the organization could take possession of… Read More

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Tips For Finding The Best Denver Colorado Apartments

If you are looking for a place to live in Denver, Colorado, then apartments are a great start. Apartments provide you with many of the amenities that you need to make your life more comfortable and are more affordable than renting a house. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind if you are going to enjoy your stay in an apartment. First of all, you should figure out which neighborhoods are most convenient for you. Look at where you and others in the household work and attend school. What about other activities that your family attends regularly? While you might not be able to find… Read More

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Community with Clicks

You will find that this is the sure thing and this will make in such a humorous way a display for getting the best. Denver homes have been made here to make your mind, and this will be here for you. You have to find this and this will also be for you in the matter of delights, and this will aim to make you feel so sure things. You will also come to the clicks of the best things here and your mind will click them too. So the time you are expecting from here would be nice and will so be here for you. You will feed this… Read More

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Are Best Homes

How These Are Best Homes?

Finding the best home for you is not easy and it’s so challenging thing indeed. But now with Denver homes, you may be able to look at the pretty and luxurious life here. You don’t need to be coming up with all the best and with possible approaches here. Yu will get in touch to the so firmly and so marvellous tips which have been taken to improve the livelihood Here. You will get all the necessary of and very flexibility in touch things here. Things which make them special: Best patio: You will come up to have the view with the best and with wider patio. You will find… Read More

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