Worthing Co. Sisters Talk Fashion and Furniture

In late 2018, the west side of Denver welcomed a unique, stylish and sophisticated furniture store that encompasses timeless trinkets and possesses slight antique characteristics. The new furniture store called Worthing Co. features stylish home good items including bold rugs, leather pillows, chairs, light fixtures and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Akin to the stylish store are the three owners of Worthing Co. — sisters from the Midwest who in fact demonstrate grandiose style of their own in their everyday lives. Emily, Abigail and Devon manage and operate Worthing Co., and in the midst of their boss babe days of running their store, they allowed 303 Magazine into their inspiring space for a private interview where fashion and furniture geared the conversation.

303 Magazine: Worthing Co. features unique, modern and special one-of-a-kind pieces. How do you hope those pieces translate to the furniture and fashion world of Denver?

Worthing Co.: Denver is exploding with new builds on every corner. We hope that Worthing Co.’s furniture and home goods can bring a sense of identity to everyone’s homes. We believe that you can transform a space by adding your own touches — whether that be art, furniture or just your own scent. Your home is such an intimate place and we hope that bringing one-of-a-kind pieces to you will bring your fashion sense into your space.

Our store is like Denver in its diversity of people living here. These pieces are unique but provide function, they aren’t mass produced and they speak to a creative mind. They are a way to express yourself in your home like clothing and fashion is a way to express yourself to the world. There are so many aspects and details of life that we can’t control, we love giving people that power and control over their home design with Worthing Co.’s furniture.

303: What aspects of Denver attracted you to move here and briskly open up your own brick and mortar furniture store?

WC: Colorado has always been a destination city for our family. We grew up skiing Breckenridge, vacationing in Aspen for the summer and Denver has always been our hub. When we had the opportunity to move here, we jumped on it. This is the place to be. Who doesn’t want to be outdoors year round? We were taught that furniture makes a house a home. Anyone can move into a brand new space but bringing the life into it lives in the furniture and personal design of the home. With Denver’s population growing by the hundreds of thousands every year, we knew we had a market for new home buyers, renters and people just wanting to update their spaces.

303: In your opinion, how does Denver style differ from style in the Midwest, where you all are originally from?

WC: Everyone knows Denver has a different dress code. We grew up going out in heels and getting dolled up for every occasion. Don’t get us wrong, we still get dolled up, we’ve just traded in our heels for booties. The laid back nature of Denver’s style gives everyone the opportunity to dress in exactly what makes them feel comfortable and feel their best. Who doesn’t want that!

303: Each of you exhibit style, grace and confidence. In the fashion world, sometimes the choice of clothing affects our outward displays of personalities. What does your daily choice of clothing say about you and how did you come to find your personal styles?

Emily: It took a lot of tries to finally get my personal style down. I’m definitely the more relaxed of the three of us. I love leggings and sweaters and if you ask people closest to me I definitely have a “uniform.” I found what I feel confident, sexy and comfortable in and that is usually jeans, a tank, a bulky sweater and booties — unless it’s summertime and then trade the booties for Birkenstocks. Denver allowed me to drop the stereotypes of what I should be wearing and gave me the opportunity to find out what makes me feel the most like me.

Abigail: I have always loved fashion and the ability you have to express yourself through clothing. Out of the three of us, I have had a harder time letting go of my heels and trading them out for Berks. When I am not in my workout clothes, I feel authentic when I wear heels, a red lip and my favorite pair of Rag & Bone jeans — confident.

Devon: For the most part I dress fairly simply. I love all black or neutrals with a tiny pop of color or fun pattern. Whether I’m on a hike, a date night with my husband, or out to lunch with my girlfriends I generally follow that rule of thumb. I love pairing funky eye makeup with a simple, sleek neutral outfit or a fun patterned bootie with a basic jean and black sweater. I would say that go-to neural look reflects my laid back personality and my fun patterns or pops of color reflect the free spirited hippy side of who I am. It is always a breath of fresh air when I am dressed from head to toe in clothing, shoes, makeup, etc. that represent who I am and my personal style. I would always encourage everyone to embrace their personal style and own it.

Emily, the oldest Vickers sister.
Abigail, the boss.
Devon, the youngest Vickers sister.

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